Jordsjø: With a vast array of vintage synths
They released three cassettes before releasing their first proper album Jord in March this year. Early in September the Oslo quartet is back with a self-titled double album. This album contains a collection of all the songs from these three earlier cassette releases: Jordsjø, Jordsjø II and the split release with Breidablik, Songs From The Northern Wasteland. This 2CD set contains plenty of nods to older (especially Scandinavian) progressive music. There’s an underlying theme of alienation, roots and dreams, with an organic and dynamic sound which gives associations to 70s progressive music, with traces of electronic music and folk. Plenty of flute, guitars and a vast array of vintage synths, resulting in a warm and vintage sound, while still sounding fresh and interesting. Most of the instruments are played by multi-instrumentalist Håkon Oftung (Tusmørke, Black Magic), with drummers Kristian Frøland, Martin Nordrum Kneppen (Wobbler, Tusmørke) and Tore Flatjord. Guest artists are, Håkon Knutzen (guitars) and Vilde Mortensen Storesund (vocals). Jordsjø is probably for fans of Änglagård, Tusmørke, Black Magic, Wobbleand Sinkadus. 8/5/2018

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