Strange Land: Cerebral music!
Recently the sixth album Galactic Drift Impact Event Part Two was released, and once again Sean Gill contributed with guitars, bass, vocals, synths and programming. In addition Brittney Schultz took cares of the vocal duty. Together the duo wrote all the lyrics and melodies. Strange Land have always liked to make a lot of noise with their cerebral progressive rock/metal! That may sound scary but isn`t scary at all! The Wisconsin-based band pays a lot of attention also to the good melody, and make it even more exciting with an intriguing complexity of guitar riffs. As with many original bands the sound of Strange Land may be difficult to describe. In the most generic sense the band falls into the progressive rock/metal category, along with such bands as Fates Warning, Queensryche, Savatage, Rush, Zero Hour, Pain Of Salvation, and Galactic Cowboys. 8/28/2018

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