Pymlico: Pop inspiration!
Nightscape is out world wide October 5, 2018. And are the Oslo band`s t fifth studio album. Following the success of Meeting Point (2016), the Norwegian instrumentalists keep diving into their love of different styles. Although they still sort of fit the description progressive rock meeting Fusion, the songs on Nightscape have a more traditional, song-based structure, taking inspiration from some of the great pop music of the 20th century The Norwegian band also adding more cinematic textures to the songs which gives this release another dimension. Combining modern production techniques with great musicianship and good songwriting has resulted in a record of high quality sound and strong melodic tracks. Pymlico was founded as a creative outlet for drummer and songwriter Arild Brøter in 2009. This led to three album releases: Inspirations (2011), Directions (2012) and Guiding Light (2014). The albums were made with a massive support of guest musicians, and they all received positive feedback and favorable reviews in the international progrock society. With a growing desire to perform the music live, Arild Brøter gathered a smaller band to do concerts – this eventually became the band Pymlico as we see today. The band released the EP Studio Live in 2015 and the album Meeting Point in 2016. 8/28/2018

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