Aaaron Brooks : For dogs!
The album will be released on September 21, 2018. Homunculus brings psychedelic rock with folk influences. Aaron Brooks' debut album is designed for dogs. Only dogs will be able to hear it. It is recorded beyond the frequencies of human hearing. Brooks moved to Germany five years ago, and in 2016 disbanded Simeon Soul Carger. The last two year Brooks have been concentrated of his solo music project. On Homunculus Brooks sing and play guitars, and in addition there are seven other musicians in the Lineup. The record also have five guest musicians including the RPWL duo of Yogi Lang and Kalle Wallner. Lyrically Brooks showcase that he have crystal clear opinions already on the opening tune Consume. There he puts a critical spotlight on the greed of the consumer community. Bass and drums are pretty groovy on Consume, not at all expected on a song writer’s album. There are much melancholy in the song Wake Up The Mountains and the song change direction in the end. An end with cinematic score, very orchestral, distorted guitars and monumental choirs. A band like Muse come in mind. Many of the songs on Homunculus have a progressive approach, and that is very positive and it makes Brooks writing even more fascinating. It`s also positive that most of the lyrics comes from Brooks personal experience. 9/8/2018

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