Rainburn: Next big hot-prog-bed
There are six guest artists on the album, and two of them are playing keyboards. Nevertheless the guitar (split 50/50 between acoustic and electric) is far more prominent than the keyboards. Musically the music from Rainburn is somewhere between the realms of heavy progressive rock and lighter progressive metal. Shifting rhythms, twin-guitar arrangements and some pop songwriting sensibilities marinated in hard rock spirits and sprinkled with some Indian flavors. They have even managed to encapsulate their rich mélange of styles and cultures in the album title; Insignify being a portmanteau of signify (to symbolize something) and insignificance (having no consequence). Insignify is a concept album, told from a musician’s point of view, that deals with issues of existentialism, the significance of human life, narcissism, craving importance, insecurity and the search for reason. The protagonist of this story, Vincent, goes through the entire range of these emotions within the span of a single day. School Of Atlantis highlights some of the band's jazz influences, with a great use of the flute towards the end. On Elusive Light and Mirrors and Within the band mixes an almost 60s hippie pop-rock sensibility with some familiar and some less-familiar progressive stylings. I just enjoy the vocal harmonies, akin to those used by Moon Safari or Simon & Garfunkel. Guitarist Vats Iyengar is one of the most important forces of the band, along with the ability to compose exciting and creative songs. Iyengar is an amazing guitarist. Listen and enjoy. In addition the band has a great skill with harmonic-hook-from-heaven! If you find this release satisfying you could sheck out other band from India. Coshish, Shyharbor, Motherjane. Indian progressive metalcore group Gaia, formed by multi-instrumentalist Abhiruk Patowary, will release its debut album, Aerial, next month. Fossils is worth seeking out for their engaging mixture of Bengali language and progressive rock. Indian bands offer an exciting possibilities because of the way in which they seem able to evolve the rich heritage of progressive music from an entirely new perspective, by incorporating a lot of influences from Indian classical and folk music. There are a lot of young Indian bands that have been emerging the last years and been developing an exciting range of new sounds. The economic, cultural and logistical barriers have earlier meant that few have yet to release a full album, but hopefully is that time over now?!Rainburn was founded in the fall of 2011 in Bangalore, India, by classically-trained pianist Avik Chakravarty and singer/guitar player Vats Iyengar adding drummer Praveen Kumar (Blood & Iron and bassist Jayaram Kasi soon after. Chakravart and Kasi was replaced later of bassist Ravi Nair. 10/6/2018

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