Touch Of God: Contrasts
The Touch of God project started in 2006 with little more than a desire and a motivation. All the members of the initial formation of the band knew if already for being colleagues of the same Academy Of Music in Lousada. The band have a common interest for calm, evocative prog with pop sensibility, but also some much more heavier stuff as a nice contrast as the son, The Worm. Initial training was with João Nuno on drums and Pedro Ribeiro on guitar. After some rehearsals, Ana Rita Barreto joined the group whose piano training brought more accompaniment and more melody but the lack of serious frequencies became evident. This time Ana Rita Barreto moved from piano to bass and Francisco Martins joined the project as a keyboard player. The band was formed and in 2009 was given the first concert at this year's Rock Festival. Ana Rita Barreto left the band in October 2009 leaving the place of vacant bass player that at the moment is occupied by. Pedro Magalhães replaced her. Later in late July 2013, João Nuno left the project for professional and personal incompatibilities, despite having abandoned is and will always be a friend of the band. After a search that lasted almost 2 months the place of drummer was occupied by Tiago Marques. The line-up was completed and perfect to complete the debut album Promise Not To Fall. 12/13/2018

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