Issun: Horror story from the green forest !
. The German prog metal band Issun is a newcomer, and their sophmore album is entitled Dark Green Glow. The music is as mentioned prog metal but with pop sensibility and inspired by melodic tunes from the 70s- and 80s. Lyrically there are a concept with a horror story, which is musically underlined with crushing jungle beats, many percussive elements, as well as a defined prog metal sound in the center. Issun uses hooks and melodic music for all it's worth and a lush forest-ambience throughout the whole album. The track Twilight Forest, The album have plenty of nice grooves and are often catchy and have a mature sound with many nice and often subtle details. The band obviously enjoy to build up to big climaxes with powerful instrumentation and a very expressive and varied vocal from Tobias Schröder. The story line is about a child`s nightmares in a green, mysterious and dark glowing forest. The instruments and sound effects sounds credible and emphasizes the lyrics. The track Lost Generation have very good vocal and become quite intriguing at the end. As mentioned there are a lot of diversity in the song collection and nearly something of everything. Here are three tracks that showcases that. The very catchy Jessica, the riff drenched Sleep In Forest and finally the proggy Remember Me. 8/17/2019

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