Kentish Spires: With more Genesis-style textures
The Last Harvest was released last year and was a pretty successful album. Obviously Kentish Spires musicians was inspired of the mentioned, and started to write new music for their second album. The new album is entitled Prezzatura, and are a considerable advance on their debut, this album features the same Canterbury-style sound, but with more Genesis-style textures. The Kentish Spires collectively bring a vast wealth of musical experience, weaving woodwind and reed instruments over a solid foundation of guitar, bass and drums with era-appropriate synths and powerful female vocals. The band states, «We wanted to progress within the progressive genre, exploring material in a slightly different style for that on our debut The Last Harvest. That album was recorded over several months, but the new album was recorded over 40 straight days. We discarded anything that didn't work quickly so there wasn't a list of options for the final mix. As a result this new album has a strong feeling of spontaneity». The line-up: Lucie Vox / vocals, Chris Egan / reeds, woodwind and wind synth, Danny Chang / guitars, Rik Loveridge / Hammond organ and synths, Phil Warren / bass, James Hall / drums and percussion. The band also introduce two new members - James Hall and internationally-renowned woodwind player Chris Egan.Kentish Spires was formed by Phil Warren and Danny Chang from Fyreworks. 8/17/2019

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