Dreaming Madmen: Dedicated to the noble art of making music
Mathew starting out with keyboards, then picking up the electric guitar at the age 9, and playing bass guitar as well. Christopher starting out with saxophone at the age of 9, bass & drums at the age of 14, and moving on to keyboards as well, at a later stage. They are greatly influenced by Pink Floyd, Rush, Yes, Porcupine Tree, King Crimson and the band's sound revolves around the Progressive Rock/Progressive Metal/Art Rock milieu.The band released its debut LP Ashes Of A Diary on September 14, 2019. It is a concept album that delves into the psyche of an elderly man, who discovers an old journal of his, filled with writings detailing a life of pain, obsession, love, hatred and regret. The debut album Ashes Of A Diary is a mélange of both classic and contemporary progressive rock, fused with expansive orchestration and cinematic elements. The overall melancholic theme is inspired by the likes of Pink Floyd, Porcupine Tree, King Crimson, Dream Theater, to name a few. The album last for 40 minutes but it took 4 years of hard work to fulfill. AS mentioned before here is obvious a lot of passion for music, playing and making music. Mathew Aboujaoude states, «It’s definitely been a challenge creating an album of this magnitude, but we feel it’s what makes it special. Dreaming Madmen also performed Ashes Of A Diary in its entirety at The Palace Beirut on Sep 14th with a full laser & light show, alongside the brothers’ other family project, Brick Floyd - an immersive Pink Floyd tribute band». Dreaming Madmen is: Mathew Aboujaoude: guitars, vocals, keyboards, synths & programming, Christopher Aboujaoude: bass, vocals, keyboard solos (2, 7). Guest musicians on the album, Ian Geyer: drums, percussion, Rohan Sharma: lead synth (2, 5), Caelin Tralongo: vocals (3). Recorded in June & July 2019 at two different locations, Antimatter Studios - Austin, TX and Boombox Studios - Beirut, Lebanon. Music, lyrics & production by: Mathew & Christopher Aboujaoude. Orchestral Arrangements: Mathew Aboujaoude & Bonny Baez. Mixing & Engineering: Russell Tanner. Mastering: Andy VanDette. Album Artwork: Andrea Emad. Photography by: Jamil Dally 10/1/2019

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