Widek: Stone by stone!
The fascinating and clever Maciej Dawidek is the sole musician in Widek, and he is indeed a deliver of beautiful instrumental atmospheric post atmospheric progressive metal. The music also have a fair amount of space djent, and the album The Garden Of Existence is his fifth release. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UpchxXLjOhI Dawidek started releasing music at the very beginning of the decade under the Widek moniker, as a shortened version of his name. So far he have as mentioned released five full-length album and also two EP`s. Yes this is obvious a dedicated musicians and he has his own recording studio where all of his material is put together. In the beginning of his career Dawidek blended progressive metal with post rock aesthetics and structures. Later Dawidek found out that he was going to add a good deal of ambient elements to the music. It was smart, because the music was immediately better and more challenging to be listened to. Actually Dawidek matured as a song writer and the even production was better! The new album is pretty cohesive and consistent with some nice spacey injection. As usual with Dawid`s work the last track is very different from the rest on the songs on the album. The track Rebirth ambient piece with ethereal chorus and is a relaxing music that is still challenging in all its glory. 12/19/2019

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