Mimesis: Görebläster & co
Görebläster (The Beast Of Nod, Episodes), Jen Janet (Blind Revision, Novarium, solo work), Kilian Duarte (Abiotic, Scale The Summit), and Anthony Lusk-Simone (Pathogenic, Abiotic). The track The Chariot, Mimesis is what we could call a prog supergroup. Vocalist Jen Janet has previously shared the stage with bands such as Saving Abel, Buckcherry, Amorphis and more. She was also nominated for a New England music award, and best female vocalist in Rhode Island’s Motif Magazine music awards. Guitarist and primary songwriter Will "Goreblaster" Lunden has built an online following for his unique style of technical guitar playing and his guitar-related inventions, and is a well-known presence in the New England heavy music scene. The track Mirror, Bassist Kilian Duarte, a Kiesel endorser and Berklee College of Music graduate, has toured with bands such as Leprous and Angel Vivaldi while performing with Scale the Summit. Drummer and producer Tony Simone has toured with a variety of different projects, and created multimedia content for countless acts including The Machinist and Sarah Longfield. The track CTRL ALT DEL Feat. Haydee Irizarry on harp. Jen Janet ventures into cyberspace to face down a computer overlord and free her band from its evil clutches. Mimesis explores sci-fi virtual reality and seeks to keep audiences thoroughly entertained with futuristic and unique visual entertainment Mimesis draws influences from Animals as Leaders, Polyphia, Periphery and more. Mimesis boasts soaring melodic vocals, blended with low djent riffs, tapping patterns, and high energy drumming. Minmesis music is probably for fans of Tesseract, Chon, Polyphia, Plini, Periphery, Destiny Potato and more. 12/21/2019

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