Lonny Ziblat: Refuses to bow to any one genre
Ziblat states, «The spirit behind the other songs is quite dark and reflects a less pleasant part of life as I experience it. Because they express parts of my moods that are not the friendliest, or most easy going, I let these songs slide and stay in the background». «However, after much thought I decided to complete their production and publish them, for the simple reason that I believe it's an artist role to expose himself and share all sides of his feelings. I believe that it's the role of music and musical lyrics to help us see all of us in order to experience true empathy and learn more about ourselves». Lonny Ziblat was born in Buenos Aires, brought up in Israel and currently residing in The Netherlands where he composes and arranges music for different ensembles, orchestras and choirs. In recent years Zibklat has also been writing and producing music for different films and T.V. productions worldwide, alongside having produced two albums with his band - Modest Midget - where he explored the connection between different musical styles. His mother was a classically trained pianist and his father was a member of Los Jets, an Argentinean Rock'n'Roll band. He grew up loving both hooks, alongside many other musical genres ranging from Dixieland to modern Fusion, South American, North American, Mediterranean & European folklore. As a result he grew to have an affinity within different musical contexts. As a composer he refuses to bow to any one genre or to discriminate between styles, striving for excellence in every project he is involved with. His music challenges the boundaries amongst genres and he is happy to defy music lovers’ taste by bringing intensity and rhythm to a classically oriented concert or by bringing opera to a rock concert. His music can be delicate, rough, complex or straightforward simple. As an arranger and orchestrator he can smoothly fit into almost any style and answer the needs of the production at hand. He has composed, arranged and produced music for some of the most exclusive ensembles and orchestra's in the Netherlands (see below) and with established artists, among which singer Eva Maria Westbroek, conductor Otto Tausk, singer Wouter Hamel, Mavi Díaz (Arg), Omar Mollo (winner of the Latin Grammy's & the Carlos Gardel prize), The Leo Smit Foundation & the Argentinean duo Lerner & Moguilevsky. He orchestrated music for Poznansky's score of Joseph Cedar’s feature film Footnote (nominated for an Oscar in 2012). Modest Midget is defined as crossover prog at prog archieve, and here are the very good Modest Midget song Troubles In Heaven, Ziblat has won the 3rd prize in the Ricciotti arrangers' competition and has earned a finalist certificate for his participation in the Oticons Faculty competition. He completed his 2nd phase (MA) study of classical composition with Henk Alkema, and has studied Jazz guitar with Eef Albers as well as orchestral conducting. He followed workshops with a.o. Krzysztof Penderecki, Jurjen Hempel & Hein van de Geyn. 3/17/2020

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