Grandval: Grandval is Henri Vaugrand musical vehicle…..
One listener stated about the song, «Very good song with all this fragility of Henry Vaugrand’s voice. Poetry walks there with all its ease. Aerial like the Auvergne mountains!». The tracks Un Nouveau Destin (A New Destiny), Grandval is Henri Vaugrand who started as a bass player at the age of 14. The music of his debut album A Ciel Ouvert from 2016 goes back 20 years ago, but it is only 5 years ago that he decided to work again on the project to polish the demos into a proper release. Originally the songs were sung in English, but Henri thought that the French language was more appropriate to suit his music. The influences come from bands such as Ange, Mona Lisa and Pink Floyd.To finish his album, Henri Vaugrand has worked with Steph Honde (Hollywood Monsters), Jean-Pierre Louveton, (Nemo, Wolfspring), Kevin Serra and Colin Tench (Corvus Stone). On Descendu Sur Terre many of the musicians that participated on the debut album again suppert Vaugrand. «New» musicians on the new album is Olivier Bonneau: keyboards, vocal harmonies, bass pedals & guitars, Jean-Baptiste Itier (Nemo, JPL): drums, Raffaele Spanetta (Old Rock City Orchestra): guitars and Christophe Chalancon: guitar solo. So many very good and famous musicians, and they should be able to make good and exciting music!? 4/17/2020

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