Silver Nightmares: With lyric about loss of the human spirituality.
The Wandering Angel is concept album concerning the loss of the human spirituality. A wandering angel, coming from a distant star, the star of life, falls down from heaven and begins his path on earthly contamination. A journey between nature, heroes of the past and shrewd characters nowadays. His final quest will be the travel in the universe. The track Dick Dastarly showcases the band in a more adventures more with strong reminisce of the golden Italian prog era. Silver Nightmares was formed in Palermo in 2018 by bassist Gabriele Esposito, drummer Alessio Maddaloni and keyboardist Gabriele Taormina. They wrote, composed and orchestrated the musical material that would make the repertoire of their first EP The Wandering Angel. To rehearse and record the songs, they called upon Simone Bonomo and Michele Vitrano (two experienced vocalists), Giulio Maddaloni (flute), Tody Nuzzo (guitars) and Davide Severino (trumpet). Their style drew from a wide variety of influences including progressive rock, AOR, heavy metal and classical music. The track Dame Nature, a song about how dysfunctional and violent our society has become. The song is a catchy and melodic song with a very nice finish. Also the track David The King is prog drenched but with Scandinavian vibes and with nice folk elements. The band members Influences are as diversed as : Asia,Genesis, Savatage, Trans-Siberian Orchestra,Styx, Kansas,Toto, Iron Maiden, Jethro Tull, Foreigner, Dream Theater, Opeth, Ghost, Marillion, Anathema, Katatonia, Judas Priest, Ten etc.The line-up: Alession Maddaloni: Trumpet, drums and percussion, Gabriele Esposito: Bass and Gabriele Taormina: Keyboards. Guests musicians: Mimmo Garofalo: Guitars, Tody Nuzzo: Guitars, Davide Severino: Trumpet, Ace Of Lovers: Flute, Simone Bonomo: Vocals and Michele Vitrano: Vocals. 4/18/2020

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