The Tangent: Celebrating the golden age of prog…..
«Tangent fans NEVER get spammed or asked to vote for the band in polls - we are very proud of the fact that we have NEVER added anyone here unless they ask to join first, therefore we know that everyone here really wants to be here :0) ». «Musicians - we will never spam your page, please do not spam ours, while we are happy to share relevant posts about other bands if you contact us for permission at the email address below. we WILL delete any posts that aren't relevant or are self promotional in nature, thank you». The Tangent are the following players: Andy Tillison – Vocals, Lyrics, Keyboards, Composer, Jonas Reingold (The Sea Within, Steve Hackett Band) – Bass Guitar, Theo Travis (Soft Machine, David Gilmour, Travis-Fripp) – Sax & Flute, Luke Machin (Maschine, Francis Dunnery Band) – Guitar, Steve Roberts (David Cross Band, ex Magenta, Godsticks) – Drums. Andy comments:« Life On Hold is the cheerful up-tempo Prog Rock foot-stomper we chose to kick off our album. It sits alongside pieces we’ve done in the past like GPS Culture and Spark In The Aether, Crisis In Midlife etc and it’s a flavor we do like to return to now and then. This one is influenced by things like that first Asia album, stuff like Kansas and Boston, and the kind of thing that Transatlantic might bang out at you. It’s part of our genetic makeup, but of course only one part. Although there’s a fair amount of accessible tunes on the new album, there’s some seriously deep water around too. And no, Life On Hold has nothing to do with Lockdowns. It mentions Jean Paul Sartre, which is not normal in foot-stompers. Get it ON!! Bang, and the dirt is gone!». The Tangent, the progressive rock group led by Andy Tillison, are pleased to announce the release of their 11th studio album Auto Reconnaissance on August 21st, 2020. The follow-up to 2018’s Prox’, sees them taking the band philosophy of celebrating the golden age of prog, whilst bringing it to the present and exploring new paths for the music to take in the future. On Auto Reconnaissance, they bend that philosophy to their will, taking in prog rock foot Stomping, sublime Jazz, humour, narrative, a modern R&B love song, funk/soul and a 28 minute long emotional epic about the band's home country of England. Tillison comments: «I utterly refuse to accept that Progressive Rock Music is some kind of museum piece. It is actually a living and breathing movement that has a past, a present and above all, a future. It once had an album-chart-topping golden age, but the genre was never about that. It has subtly and virally kept itself alive for decades where many new musical genres have risen to glory and faded away». For this release, Andy Tillison is once again joined by long-time collaborator Luke Machin (who also helped produce the album), Jonas Reingold, Theo Travis, and Steve Roberts. Together they bring to life an album that has been influenced by the likes of ELP, The Isley Brothers, Steely Dan, Aphex Twin, National Health, Rose Royce, Squarepusher and Return To Forever amongst others. Andy Tillison comments of the current line-up: «In the past 6 years the line-up of The Tangent has become more stable than at the beginning. I think that the identity of the Tangent as a Group rather than a Project started to come together on the album A Spark In The Aethe’ in 2014. Essentially Luke, Jonas, Theo and I have appeared on the last four albums, and we added Steve Roberts for the tour that supported Slow Rust in 2017 and we’ve settled on this line-up». «I hope for a while because I find this unit to be productive, in tune with the band’s purpose and manifesto and a lot of fun to boot. The new album Auto Reconnaissance is the first time that the core band has been identical in structure to its predecessor. For the first time I feel that everyone is in tune with the fusion of Jazz, Prog, Punkishness and electronica that The Tangent likes to cook up. We are a good group of friends and although we don’t meet up often, it’s a real blast when we do. I’ve always considered Ed Unitsky the cover artist to have been a recurring member of the cast - his artwork has been a huge part of our story and although we move away, we always return». 6/27/2020

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