Bridgend: Created six years ago by guitarist Andrea Zacchia…..
And as usually it’s a quality prog album, and as a bonus (for many?) the album is only on vinyl, distributed by G.T. Music Distribution and publisher: Micio Poldo. Rajas is a progressive rock album with deep roots in the seventies (Genesis and Italian Prog School) but also with an eye to the present world of music (Steven Wilson). Bridgendis a progressive rock project created in 2015 by guitarist Andrea Zacchia. Their second concept album Rajas is the prequel of the previous album Rebis. It tells about the night before all the facts that are explained in the first albumby the sole instrumental music composition. In Rajas there is no overdub, and the sound is strongly inspired as mentioned above by bands like Genesis and Steven Wilson. The record is definitely based on Italian prog of the 70's. The full album has been written by Andrea Zacchia (guitars) and Leonardo Rivola (keyboards and synth). With the additional help of Massimo Bambi (drums) and Matteo Esposito (bass). Mixing and mastering by Federico Palmieri at Terzo Suono in Roma. Artwork by Paolo Di Orazio. Tracklist: Lato A: 1- Adulta Nox (3:30) 2- Appena un respiro (4:58) 3- La quiete generale (9:33) Lato B: 1- La Fatica Del Singolo (9:55) 2- Nocturnale (7:37) 3- La luce ci divide (4:16) 1/18/2021

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