Hasse Fröberg & Musical Companion: The music is positive, warm, organic, soulful and thoughtful…..
Hasse & Musical Companion announce new album We Are The Truth. Swedish progressive rockers HFMC have announced their 5th studio album We Are The Truth to be released November 26th, 2021 on Glassville Records. Hasse Fröberg declares about the album: «We Are The Truth is our most adventurous album to date. The music is positive, warm, organic, soulful and thoughtful. The lyrics are a cry for compassion, respect and love. We Are The Truth is both musically and lyrically very much about the world today». The album will be available as CD digipack with 16-page booklet, Limited Gatefold Double LP with 8-page booklet and Digital Download. Track list: 1. To Those Who Rule The World (7:29) 2. Other Eyes (12:55) 3. Rise Up (4:47) 4. The Constant Search For Bravery (8:59) 5. Yoko ( 6:36) 6. We Are The Truth (6:45) 7. Shaken And Stirred (7:13) 8. Every Second Counts (3:55) 9. A Spiritual Change (10:53) 8/30/2021

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