Luíra: Finding your inner self!
Coming from classical music and travelling later on through the thrilling world of heavy metal with her band Adeia, this is something completely different and exciting! Now Luria is back with the debut album Free. Luíra is a young classically trained multi-instrumentalist and vocalist who moved to the north of Norway. The music of Luíra is an acquired taste: a unique blend of contemporary classical, experimental alternative rock and folk music. Shei s a versatile violinist/ singer- songwriter/ composer/ singer/ improvisator/ poet/ throat singer/ multi- instrumentalist/ pianist/ music teacher and music producer. Impressing, very impressing! 1. Secret Medicine 04:53 2. Inner Drum 07:21 3. Old Violin String 06:16 4. Erminae 08:33 5. Free 05:51 6. Metempsychosis 05:34 7. Prism Mind 07:37 8.Concrete Suffocation 06:14 9. A New Life 08:44 Luíra states «Free is also a warning in a way that we as humankind need to stop right here and now and think about our selfish actions that destroy the earth we live on:» «Concrete Suffocation is a powerful wake- up- call, but also a reminder that even the smallest positive change starts with ourselves and that it DOES matter ?? It's about being a conscious being in this fast world, honoring beautiful mother nature, to 'really see' .... sending out love and light, and standing a life guided by Soul». «Not many people know this about me, but one of the songs on the album, called Prism Mind, is about how I experience the world around me. How all whispering sounds, vibrating colors, and intense sensations of smell affect my daily life, my compositions and my vision. To have a diagnosis like Asperger was not always easy, especially when you find out later in life. Even if I could, I would never exchange it for anything in the world ?? It made me the person I am today, and a composer and musician with endless possibilities! 'Prism Mind' was just the perfect name to describe my magical inner world». «Freedom is still not a reality for many people in the world, I mean not only in many countries, but also in other situations, like many families and relationships. It should be protected, and cherished, and certainly not be taken for granted or seen as something that is 'normal'. One can be chained physically or harmed mentally, but freedom lives in us, in our hearts ?? This, dear all, cannot be taken away by anyone in the world». «Be the change you want to see in this world ????». «The album, music and lyrics, are written by me, mixed by me and mastered by Creative Headroom Productions. I had mixinglessons the last years from musician/ composer/ musicproducer Sander Gommans (After Forever/ Trillium, Phantom Elite) ». «I used besides fiolins, viola, hardingfele, tagelharpe (Erminæ), worldly percussion instruments and last but not least, my Sámisk framedrum and a violin drum that I recorded as well (Inner Drum, Old Violin String, Concrete Suffocation, A New Life«C» «I worked together with an amazing drummer/ percussionist, Mathhias Landes (Dark Fortress/ Nonuclid) and a really creative basgitarist, Franc Timmerman (Adeia, Blaudzun)». «Free is available on bandcamp, all streamingplatforms and physically for sale ?? ». Luíra`s music is highly recommended! 10/9/2021

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