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16.November, 2018
The Casentino Valley is rich with history, art, good food and outdoor activities. Based on this is no surpris that the town Casentino can offer a very nice prog band named Tacita Intesa!
07.November, 2018
In my time, I was addicted to nicotine, but it's been a long time now. Therefore, the text of the song Nikotin is something that wakes memories. Rightfully, the text is in Norwegian.
06.October, 2018
Finally it`s happening! India produces great prog band now. I have long been assumed that the Indian sub-continent will be the next big hot-bed for forward-looking progressive music. One of the most exciting band are the trio Rainiburn. Wednesday, November 7, 2018 the Banglore band release the album Insignyfy.
02.October, 2018
The Moon Has Fallen is hardly correct, but it's now the title of Alithia`s new album. The band is from Melbourne in Australia and plays progressive psychedelic tribal rock. They are renowned for their spellbindingly powerful live shows and hypnotizing tribal flavors, Australian 6-piece progressive rock livewire Alithia will release their highly anticipated sophomore record The Moon Has Fallen worldwide on October 26th 2018 through Wild Thing Records.
08.September, 2018
Another new but not unknown artist at Gentle Art Of Music, Aaron Brooks, the singer of acclaimed American psychedelic rock band Simeon Soul Carger returns to the music scene with his album Homunculus from a two-year abstinence.
28.August, 2018
Gabagool is the first single of Pymlico’s new album Nightscape. The song was written by drummer and band leader Arild Brøter and sees the band in a more groove oriented landscape than previous releases.

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