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01.October, 2019
Dreaming Madmen is a progressive rock duo formed by two Lebanese brothers Mathew & Christopher Aboujaoude in their home studio in their hometown Deir El Harf, Lebanon and based in Austin, TX. They began their musical careers at the young ages of 7 and 9. Obviously these are two musicians who are dedicated to the noble art of playing and making music.
17.August, 2019
The Last Harvest is the debut album for the fairly new band The Kentish Spiers, and the music was a playful and fascinating Canterbury prog.
17.August, 2019
I always find new band intriguing but sometimes I`m disappointed. Luckily the opposite happens sometimes, and there is a revelation and a music that really provides great listening experiences
07.June, 2019
Fourteen years ago Magic Pie released their critical acclaimed debut Mosion Of Desire, and since then they have recorded three other albums. Now their fifth effort Fragments Of The 5th Element is close to been released.
07.June, 2019
The Samurai Of Prog features Marco Bernard an Italian settled in Finland who is also the editor of the Colossus fanzine, publishes numerous Colossus musical projects, plays bass and goes by this nickname.
26.April, 2019
Marathon is the result of young musicians with a desire to make something that most Norwegian bands do not dare.

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