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04.June, 2021
FFO is an acronym for fans of and Mageia`s FFO is: The Devil's Blood, Blood Ceremony, Ghost.
07.April, 2021
Metal Mind Productions will release the new solo album by Ian Parry entitled Brute Force.
18.March, 2021
Everlust is a gothic rock / melodic metal band from Latvia, will release their sophomore full length album Diary Of Existence on May 7th, 2021 via Wormholedeath on all digital platforms worldwide
17.March, 2021
.. Stefano Panunzi's 2021 release with his third album, Beyond The Illusion, expertly blends cinematic art rock with ambient and jazz influences. G
11.February, 2021
Alexandra Zerner is a much diverted person and this statement is very positive meant!
18.January, 2021
Always just as enthusiastic Vannuccio Zanella present the band Bridgend and their new effort Rajas.

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